Hot Stamping Services

What is hot stamping?

Hot stamping is a lithography printing process that uses heated image molds or stamping dies to transfer metal foils or pre-dried inks onto a surface.

Typically, the process works as follows: the hot stamping machine heats an engraved mold or die, which then presses marking foil onto the surface. The foil is deposited only where the hot stamp comes in contact with the product material, allowing engineers to create elegant, embossed designs on parts and assemblies in post-production. Hot stamping foils have three layers: a color layer (which can be pigment or metallic), an adherence base, and a release layer. Innovations in digital printing even enable hot stamping three-dimensional images with holographic foil.

Hot stamping is a versatile, precise, and efficient method for printing on surfaces, and is often used to personalize or decorate products. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the key benefits of the hot stamping process, as well as key considerations to keep in mind.

Business Cards
Gift Bags
Note books

And much more…

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